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Salesforce Integration

A robust Salesforce to Craft CMS connector.

Salesforce Bridge is a framework for interacting with Salesforce via the Rest and Soap APIs. It's tightly integrated into Craft CMS creating a powerful connection between your website and data within the Force.com platform. The purpose of Saleforce Bridge is to quickly and easily expose Force.com data in a secure and flexible manner. Some of the features include:

Multiple Connected Application Profiles

Configure and access data across multiple Salesforce Instances. Native Salesforce permissions ensuring the users can only perform actions they have been granted.

SObject (Salesforce Objects) Mapper

Connecting to standard and custom Salesforce objects is quick and easy. Whether your working with a custom model or an element, data transformers manipulate the API request and response allowing a 1:1 Craft to Salesforce Object relationship.

Query Builder

Accessing object collections is achieved using our Query Builder. Whether you need to traverse parent and child relationships, the Query Builder enables you to construct a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) request with ease.

Field Types

There are two field types: Salesforce Object and Salesforce Query. The Object field type establishes a 1:1 relationship to an Salesforce Object record. You can also register and preform record level actions (such as syncing). With the Query field type you can associate a query and execute it with ease. It also supports dynamic variables so you can replace query criteria with element values.

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