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We're joining the Craft Plugin Store with our developer focused plugins

Nate Iler

President / Founder
Categorized as: Craft CMS

We’ve spent a lot of time working with Craft; more specifically Craft v3. In fact, this site (before our latest update in 8/18) was running one of the developer previews dating back to August of 2016. It was our first playground where we ‘kicked the tires’ with a couple in-house plugins and modules. The journey to Craft 3 has been great. We’ve witnessed and championed the introduction of composer, plugin store and the oh so plentiful use of events.

Our entrance into the Craft plugin world has been a long time coming. And by long time I mean, several years; which is when we initially discussed our intention to release our work commercially. However, Craft v3 wasn’t nearly ready and we weren’t willing to look backwards and develop on a platform which had such a drastic foundational difference.

Fast forward to now. A humbling amount of work and thought has gone into this new plugin venture. We’ve taken our time to produce plugins we’re proud to put our name behind. Each of our plugins begins from a scaffolding which helps us ensure we’re producing the highest quality output in a transparent and efficient manner. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll see:


Scrutinizer analyzes and identifies potential bugs, enforces coding-style, tracks technical debt, and gives an overall rating on the quality of code that we’re producing. Our internal standard is 9.0 or above.


Travis builds, tests and ensures we’re writing quality, standardized code. Part of our build process also generates documentation which can be found in its rawest form inside the ‘docs’ directory.


Codeception is our testing platform; It’s robust and easy to get started. Unfortunately, the majority of Craft / Craft plugins available are not adequately tested; however we’re dedicated to improving this and openly display our coverage statistics as a reminder and commitment to improvement.


All, bugs, enhancements and inquiries are managed within GitHub Issues. Not only does it help keep us organized, it’s also visible to others interested and acts as a knowledge base. We also have a Gitter room for each plugin to facilitate chat base support.

We hope to gain your support and confidence as we enter this new marketplace. If there's anything we can better, please let us know. Oh, and if you’ve got a great idea and looking for a little execution guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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